Since I got to know that Markdown is available in pelican, I tried to use Markdown.

Markdown setting

To activate the Markdown, I wrote the following line in

MD_EXTENSIONS = ['codehilite','extra','smarty', 'toc']

And to make toc to be available in Markdown I added 'extract_toc' as,

PLUGINS = ["tag_cloud","render_math",'extract_toc']

These are what I did. It is easy.


This post is written in Markdown, and now I am going to see whether it works or not…

Changes from reST format

  • Preambles are different as


title: “Markdown on Pelican” Date: 2016-12-16T10:10:23+09:00 Category: misc Slug: markdown-on-pelican Authors: Ryo KOBAYASHI Tags: pelican

  • Above preambles should start at the begining of the text. There should not be any black lines before that.

About Markdown format

  • Code in a list is tricky. Usually code block is achieved by enclosing three inverted quotation marks (I don’t know how to call it). But in case in a list, it doesn’t seem working. Instead one should put code with 8 white spaces enclosed by blank lines. This is completely counter-intuitive…