I made a simple script that removes files specified by a file .clean in the current working directory.

The script is like this.

if [ ! -f ${CLEAN_FILE} ]; then
    echo "  There is no " ${CLEAN_FILE} " file."
    echo "  You write a list of files to be cleaned into " ${CLEAN_FILE} " file."
    echo "  Then this script will remove these files from the current directory."
    exit 1
rm -rf $(cat ${CLEAN_FILE})
  1. Put this script at ~/bin/ or somewhere the shell can find by looking at PATH environment variable.
  2. In any directory where there are many files you want to remove often, create the file .clean which is something like
  1. Run the above script,
$ clean

Then the files specifined by the .clean file will be removed.

It is a very simple script, but it is very convenient for my daily routines.