Here is memorandom of how I set up password manager pass.

Install pass

On MacOSX (El Capitan in my case), :

$ brew install pass

will install pass command and others that the pass depends on.

Prepare gpg

To generate PGP key using GnuPG gpg, :

$ gpg --gen-key

You have to answer some questions to generate a pgp key.

Once you generate a pgp key, you can confirm it with --list-keys option as, :

$ gpg --list-keys
pub   2048R/BFB474F7 2016-03-29
uid                  Ryo KOBAYASHI <>
sub   2048R/2B3848F5 2016-03-29

As you can see, public key identifier is BFB474F7.

Initialize pass

From here, you can just follow the instruction on the pass website as,

$ pass init BFB474F7
$ pass git init
$ pass insert
$ pass ...

Important thing here is that you have to specify the PGP key identifier at initialization. Or you have to change pgp key priviledeg using gpg.