Use ipython/jupyter notebook on


To use ipython/jupyter notebook in Emacs, you need elpy and ein (emacs ipython notebook) packages. So write those dependencies in .emacs.d/Cask file (here I assume that the package management system cask is installed), :

(depends-on “ein")
(depends-on “elpy”)


Boot notebook server

At first, ipython/jupyter notebook server should be booted before using ein in Emacs. Otherwise Emacs cannot connect to the notebook server and it just does not work.

Call ein in Emacs

ein can be booted with M-x ein:notebooklist-open command. You can open existing notebook or create new one.

::: note ::: title Note :::

If you get an error message like Invalid slot ... when you try to start ein, it may be caused by eieio package additionally installed with some packages, not included in itself. You may have to remove it from .emacs.d directory. :::

As you can see the following picture, graphs and pictures can also be shown in{width=“400px”}

  • Markdown text cannot be shown as fancy decorated look.
  • emacs in does not show graphs either.


Keybindings are different from using the notebook on browsers.

C-c C-c

Execute the current cell

C-c C-b

Insert a cell below

C-c C-a

Insert a cell above

C-c C-k

Kill the current cell.

C-c C-n

Move to the next cell

C-c C-p

Move to the previous cell

C-c C-s

Divide/separate the current cell into two.

C-c C-m

Merge two cells into one.

C-c C-t

Change cell type (ipython, markdown, raw)