About me


I am Ryo KOBAYASHI, an associate professor at Field of Applied Physics, Department of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan. I am researching properties and phenomena in solid materials by means of computer simulation especially from atomistic point of view, and also developing new methods for molecular dynamics simulation and implementing them in our own code, such as, nap and optzer.

Research interest

  • Development of interatomic potentials for solid materials including machine-learning and classical potentials
  • Ion migration mechanism in battery materials and exploration of novel solid-state electrolyte materials
  • Material’s response under the extreme condition such as deep inside the Earth or irradiation of strong laser beam
  • Development of new multiscale simulation methods for solids
  • Development of open-source program codes for materials science research





Computational materials science lab (Ogata lab)
Field of Applied Physics, Department of Physical Science and Engineering
Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech)


502B, Bldg. 2, Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech),
466-8555, Gokiso-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Japan
kobayashi.ryo –at– nitech.ac.jp


  • Dec. 2010 — Award for Encouragement of Research in the 20th Annual Meeting of MRS-J.

Professional experience

  • Dec. 2015 - Nov. 2016 — Visiting professor at LAMMM in École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). (Supervisor: William A. Curtin)
  • Mar. 2011 - Sep. 2011 — Visiting researcher at Carlton University, Ottawa, Canada. (Supervisor: Ronald E. Miller)
  • Apr. 2009 - Mar. 2023 — Assistant Professor at Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • Apr. 2006 - Mar. 2006 — Post-doctoral researcher at Nagoya Institute of Technology


  • 2006 — Ph.D in Science (physics) at Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Chiba University. (Supervisor: Prof. Takashi Nakayama who retired on March 2023)
  • 2003 — Master of Science in Physics at Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Chiba University